Puro Gamer 2.00: Stereo Sound, Volume Limited Gaming Overear Adult Headphone

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CRYSTAL-CLEAR SOUNDS: Poorly designed gaming headsets diminish your experience and leave you at a disadvantage. Get immersed in the game and gain a competitive edge with clear noise thanks to PuroGamer, the next-level headset for gamers by Puro Sound Labs.

UNCOMPROMISING EAR PROTECTION: Don’t sacrifice hearing for a better KDR. Puro Sound Labs’ headsets for teens, kids, and adults provide unmatched hearing protection by limiting volumes above 85 dB while maintaining crisp, pure sound quality.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD: Whether you’re gaming with friends or crushing opponents, let them hear what you have to say, clearly. The adjustable gaming microphone isolates your voice by blocking ambient noise while picking up your speech from any direction.

COOL AND COMFORTABLE: Never put the game on pause due to discomfort. Puro Sound Labs’ gamer headset keeps you comfortable for hours thanks to the soft and breathable padded vegan leather that surrounds the ear cups and headband.

A WARRANTY THAT’S NOT A GAME: Achieve your gaming advantage with these volume-limiting headsets. With distinct sounds, a noise-canceling mic, and a 1-year warranty, you’re all set to emerge victoriously, whether you prefer to play on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox 1, iPad, or mobile phone.


Type of headphone: Over-ear headset

Plugs: USB & 3.5mm

Frequency response: 20Hz - 18KHz

Speaker diameter: 40mm

Speaker impedance: 32ohms

Speaker sensitivity: -35dB 33dB

Cable length: 140cm, USB split cable length 20cm, 3.5mm plug split cable length 20cm