June 22, 2020

The key concern of headphones use is volume – producing loud levels of sound very close to your ear is dangerous and could be damaging your hearing

Puro Sound Labs headphones are limited to 85dB


Noise Level

Time Before Damage

Equivalent to:


25 houirs

Telephone Dial Tone


6.5 hours

City Traffic


1.5 hours

Highway Traffic


45 minutes

Jackhammer 50’ away



Hand Drill at 3’


3 minutes

Lawnmower at 3’



Power Saw/Rock Concert


Data via cdc.gov

Louder noises cause hearing damage a lot faster than quieter ones, but quiet ones can still cause damage over time. A sound of about 105 dB – power tools can damage your hearing in less than 5 minutes

Decibel ratings from headphones vary.

Puro Sound Labs do not want you or your kids to damage your hearing. Our kid’s headphones will not go over 85dB. Choose from the BT2200’s which reduces 82% ambient noise or the Puro Quiets with Active Noise Cancelation. All headphones give great quality sound and look great. We have great quality gaming headphones that only go up to 85 dB.



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